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THIS SECTION OF THE SHOW will be chokka with underwater photo- and videographers keen to share their expertise and help boost your skills and find you the equipment and accessories you need.

Enjoy the displayed images and help to judge the finalists in the British Society of Underwater Photographers’ 2019 Prints Competition, then dip into the rolling programme of instructive presentations curated by star exponent Saeed Rashid, who will also be giving his own talk.

Please check back to see updated details of PhotoZone speakers, topics and timings as the show approaches.



Julian Cachia

how i became an 18-year-old photo entrepreneur

Underwater photographer Julian Cachia from Malta, who featured in a DIVER Magazine Deep Breath column earlier this year, tells us how at the age of 15 he had already been sponsored to make a series of videos to promote local dive-sites. Two years on, how is his initiative – and his diving career – progressing?

11.40-12.10 (Saturday)

Nick More

motion blur masterclass

Nick has been diving since the mid-1990s, but it’s only over the past six years that he says he has started taking underwater photography seriously. Concentrating on marine-life portraiture, he is best known for images incorporating motion blur, a dramatic way of bringing pictures to life. Nick will be sharing both macro and wide-angle images from his portfolio that demonstrate the tips and techniques needed to produce award-winning images that stand out from the crowd.

11.40-12.10 (Sunday)

Jack Perks

filming every freshwater fish in britain

Six years and thousands of miles later, this diver and professional wildlife cameraman can claim to be the only person to see and film all 53 species of British freshwater fish. “It’s basically fishing but with a camera,” he says. “Whether it’s scuba diving in Midlands quarries, snorkelling in Scottish lochs or tackling chalk streams in the South, it’s been an amazing challenge.” Jack set himself the task in 2013 as he embarked on his underwater career, and says he has uncovered many behaviours and rare species not filmed before.


Saeed Rashid

getting the shot

We all seem to hanker after the one outstanding shot that gives us lots of likes on Facebook, says PhotoZone curator Saeed. He takes a look at what makes a great image even better, in the hope of helping to speed your way to a more streamline library of images to be proud of. And as a top underwater photographer and lecturer in digital publishing, he knows a thing or two about the subject!


Will Appleyard

Long weekends in the Med?

DIVER Magazine’s correspondent and author to two popular diving books always tells it as it is, and he has been very impressed lately with the possibilities of Spanish diving. Will reckons Spain’s Mediterranean waters offer UK photographers colourful and varied subjects in good vis just a hop away. Anyone feel a long weekend coming on?


Adam Hanlon

creating images to admire – and to motivate!

Adam Hanlon is the owner of the underwater imaging community website Wetpixel and has been diving and taking pictures under water for more than 30 years. Fascinated by the marine environment, he says that he seeks to use imagery both to show the beauty of the oceans, and to highlight the challenges that they face. He is promising to give a creative macro masterclass at the Show.


Mario Vitalini & Martyn Guess

timed to perfection – the photographer’s dive calendar

Timing matters in underwater photography. From big fish to tiny critters, there is a right time (and wrong time) for picture-perfect encounters. Scuba Travel photo pros Mario Vitalini and Martyn Guess share some of their favourite seasonal dive-spots and subjects from around the world.


Jane Morgan

tales from cornish shores

Freelance underwater photo-journalist, diving instructor and commercial diver Jane Morgan is a popular show speaker. This time she will be sharing some of her favourite photographic subjects from Cornwall – and the background stories of the struggle to nail the shots.


Nicky Martinez

starting out in underwater photography and film

Representing the new generation of divers, Nicky made a splash as a teenager in his native Gibraltar and, although his dyslexia was expected to bar him, qualified  to study natural history and marine photography in the UK, in Falmouth, where he is now. He explains how he is closing in on his dream of becoming an eco photo-journalist and film-maker.


Gina Goodman

Marine and Natural History Photography at Falmouth University

Gina began her diving and underwater photography career in the Cayman Islands over ten years ago. After returning to the UK full time she joined Falmouth University as a Technician in the Institute of Photography whilst also working as a freelancer for a variety clients including Finisterre, Christopher Raeburn, Surfgirl, Carve and The National Maritime Museum. Gina is now a Full-time Lecturer in underwater photography at Falmouth University.

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