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The DIVER Stage

SOME STAR NAMES have already confirmed their plans to give presentations at DIVE 2019, on the DIVER Stage and elsewhere.

All-round adventurer and TV presenter Andy Torbet hasn’t been on our screens so much lately because he has been engaged on a secret mission – perhaps he’ll give us some clues at the weekend. One thing is sure, Andy is never short of a great diving story.

The same applies to Paul Rose, who has criss-crossed the world leading Nat Geo’s Pristine Seas expeditions.

It will come as no surprise to hear that locating pristine seas is becoming increasingly difficult, but if it’s there, he’s the diver to find it!

Breath-hold master Marcus Greatwood takes his NoTanx club to Kefalonia this summer, with plans to freedive the British WW2 submarine Perseus. The sub became famous after stoker John Capes survived an emergency ascent from 50m, a five-mile swim and 18 months hiding from enemy forces (DIVER, January).  The sub’s escape hatch is still open.

“How I Filmed Every Freshwater Fish in Britain”  – six years, many thousands of miles and 53 species later, diver and wildlife cameraman Jack Perks is the first person to be able to make that claim.  “It’s basically fishing but with a camera,” he says. “I’d often have anxiety attacks at night but now I sleep like a baby.” Learn more elsewhere in this issue – and in person at the Show.

The Straits of Gibraltar are a highway for loggerhead turtles, fin, sperm, blue and lost humpback whales, bluefin tuna and other pelagics. Clive Crisp of the Rock’s Environment & Climate Change department formed a diving unit to monitor and enforce its marine protected areas but, as he’ll explain, it hasn’t been an easy ride.

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