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Water World – Magical Beneath the Mataking Island

Immerse yourself in a new realm: a silent, weightless paradise of pure sensation.

When the crystal turquoise waters of Mataking beckons, it is an offer that cannot be refused. Suit up and explore the 30 or so dive sites around Mataking Island and its surrounding islands of Pandanan, Timba-timba, the Tun Sakaran Marine Park of Bohaydulong, Bohayan, Kalapuan, Baturua and Mantabuan island. The marine life close to Kalapuan shore is just as magnificent as those found in the deep end. At Mataking, divers can experience a combination of slope and wall diving which offers exhilarating macro as well as pelagic sea creatures at one place alone. (Hire gear available)

There are various sea animals and fishes living in these areas which include schools of Barracuda, Trevally, Spanish Mackerel, Ribbon Eel, Giant Clams, varieties of Goby, Eagle Ray, Giant Frogfish, Mandarin Fishes, unique and charming species of Shrimps, most photogenic and rare pygmy seahorses, spiders and much more.

One must also look out for the ‘Orang Utan’ crab which can occasionally be spotted at Mataking’s Reef. The house reef literally lights up in the night with many strange and tiny creatures which has charmed many photographers to this site. The unspoiled and living color of hard & soft coral decorations is also another special highlight for divers visiting Mataking and the surrounding islands, a paradise for Macro under water photographers.

For the true big fish fan, dive trips to world renowned Sipadan Island can be arranged. A day trip excursion from Mataking with 3 dives on Sipadan’s reefs will explain to you why the island has been rated as one of the top dive sites in the world.

Hundreds of Barracudas whirling around you like a tornado is an experience you don’t want to miss. The sea below turns black when huge schools of big eye Trevally approach, twisting and turning such as a single massive creature.

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