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​A small authentic Papuan diving resort on a private jungle clad island in Raja Ampat, just off the island of New Guinea and the Bird's head Peninsula. The richest reefs on the planet can be dived around the resort, and surrounded by pristine nature, there are many activities to do: climbing, exploring, birding, kayaking, snorkeling, beaching and much much more - ​Pulau Pef is a mini Raja Ampat, all rolled into one!

The Raja4Divers resort is run under Swiss management by an experienced, qualified and motivated team. Construction works started in October 2010 and the beautiful resort has been opened to guests since June 2011.

The dive resort nestles along a palm fringed, west facing beach, with spectacular sunsets right in front of the bungalows.

​With only ten bungalows and the unrivaled service levels, it is one of the most exclusive diving resorts in Raja Ampat and Indonesia.
We attach great importance to a familiar and homely atmosphere.

The marine biodiversity of the Coral Triangle, and especially of the Bird's Head Seascape, is staggering.
Together with Cendrawasih and Triton Bay, Raja Ampat forms the Bird's Head Seascape and is located in the very heart of the Coral Triangle.

​Scientists have confirmed this area to be the epicenter of global marine biodiversity. With the highest coral reef biodiversity for any area its size in the world, scientists consider these the world’s richest reefs, home to ​75% of all known coral species and more than 1600 species of reef fish. New species are discovered continuously.

The Bird's Head Seascape has also the greatest extent of mangrove forests and sea grass beds in the world, which support juvenile fish and dugongs. The large area and astonishing range of habitats and environmental conditions play a major role in maintaining the huge biodiversity. Here you can find the world's largest Pacific leatherback turtle nesting beaches, but also nesting sites for green, olive ridley and hawksbill turtles.

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