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Located in Raa atoll Dhigali Resort Maldives is a 40-minute journey by seaplane from Malé Airport.

A slender coral cay in the Raa Atoll, Dhigali Island is pure Maldivian bliss. Ringed by coral is kissed by the sun, this is a luxury hideaway with a difference.

Castaway villas and overwater bungalows dot the island’s crystal blue perimeter. Birds and butterflies colour the air. The house-reef teems with iridescent life.

Beyond the lagoon, the depths of the Lakshadweep Sea promise unforgettable sights.

To set foot on Dhigali’s sands is to escape into an adventure. On land, at sea or underwater, the thrill of discovery awaits.
A warm Maldivian welcome extends to all guests at Dhigali.

Innovation in design, breathtaking scenery + inspired, intuitive service create a truly sublime island experience.

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