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Holiday Inn Kandooma is a little Maldivian jewel due to its enchanted location and the underwater life coming with it. Its situation, on the southern eastern tip of the South Male Atoll, coupled with the lack of channels opening on the Indian Ocean, conveys ample currents, bringing an enormous amount of pelagic life. Eagle Rays, Mobula Rays, Tunas and Grey Reef Sharks are common sighting in the waters within 10 minutes from the Hotel.

Moreover, having our underwater goldmine only minutes away, we have the possibility to come back to the dive center after each immersion without the need for long boat journey. You can literally go for a first morning dive, leaving at 8:45 and being back on time for breakfast with your family.

Additionally, Holiday Inn Kandooma offers an out of this World FREE of charge Kids Club which is the ideal condition for any parents wanting to be on a holiday with their children as well as taking their own good time scuba diving.

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